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The Kinds of API 5L Steel Pipe Tempering

According to the performance requirements of GB/T9711.1 API 5L Steel Pipe is different, according to the different tempering temperature, tempering can be divided into the following several:
1.Low temperature tempering (150-250 degrees)
Low temperature tempering income group as tempered martensite.Its purpose is to keep the premise of hardened steel with high hardness and wear resistance, reduce the quenching stress and brittleness, so as not to use crack or damage early.It is mainly used for a variety of high carbon cutting tools, measuring tools, GB/T9711.1 API 5L Steel Pipe, rolling bearing and carburized parts, after tempering hardness is HRC58 - 64.
2.Intermediate temperature tempering (500 - 250 degrees)
Organization for tempered troostite middle temperature tempering.The aim is to obtain high yield strength, elastic limit and high toughness.Therefore, it is mainly used for various kinds of GB/T9711.1 API 5L Steel Pipe and hot mould processing, after tempering hardness is HRC35-50 commonly.
3.High temperature tempering (500-650 degrees)
High temperature tempering organization for tempering sorbite.It is customary to combine the heat treatment of quenching and high temperature tempering. The aim is to obtain the comprehensive mechanical properties of strength, hardness, plasticity and toughness.Therefore, widely used in automotive, GB/T9711.1 API 5L Steel Pipe, machine tools and other important structural parts, such as connecting rod, bolts, gears and shafts. After tempering, the hardness is generally HB200 - 330.