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A steel pipe saved the life of a girl

This maybe a story. However, it told us the importance of steel pipe in our daily life. Whether seamless steel pipe or welded pipe like ERW steel pipe, we’ve seen their necessity for us.


One night, a pretty girl felt being followed by a stranger. She ran into a unfinished construction site to get rid of the stranger, the stranger followed closely. The construction site was dark, silent and ravaged, and the girl staggered on the uneven ground, but the stranger was still getting closer and closer. Just as he was about to catch her, suddenly the stranger hit his head against a steel pipe and fell into a dead faint. The girl survived.

After she fled to her home, she still kept wondering: that steel pipe was her savior. She would have been murdered if it were not that steel pipe. And then she looked around the room, she found that mop used for mopping is made of steel pipe as skeleton, the desk is made of steel pipe, the chair is made of steel pipe, even the house she was living in is made of steel pipe. Steel pipe is not only the savior of herself but also the human being.

“We would have no house to live in if there is no pipe in the world, we would have no chair to sit on if there is no pipe in the world, I would have been dead if there is no pipe in the world.” She mumbled to herself.