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Acronym in steel pipes family

No doubt that acronym has its special advantage for all industries when we reach an agreement for the same products. It would save us time to write and communicate when we discuss them with acronym. So does for the galvanized steel pipe for manufacturer and customer.  


OD: it means outside diameter and the contrast one is ID which is for inside diameter.

NPS: nominal pipe size.

IPS: iron pipe size

DIN: deutsches institute fuer normung

SCH: pipe schedule/thickness

NPT: national pipe thread

PBE: plain both ends

SAW: submerge arc welding

DSAW: double submerge arc welding

TBE: threaded both ends

TOE: threaded one end

SRL: single random length(19-24tf)

DRL: double random length(38-42ft)

SMLS: seamless pipe

WLD: welded pipe

A106B: refers to seamless pipe

A53: refers to welded pipe

ERW: electric resistance welding

APS5L: refers to pipe that meets API5L specification

OCTG: oil country tubular goods


Generally speaking, people would familiar with OD, SAW, DSAW, SMLS, WLD, A106B, A53, ERW for we use them often during the steel pipes production. Of course, we need to know others too for a good service to our clients.