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Advantages of New Zinc Steel Barriers in the Market

1. Assembly-type planning, convenient and simple installation. Four-layer anti-corrosion treatment, more than 20 years of service life, useful to deal with the surface corrosion, powdering, cracking and other problems that have plagued protective products for a long time, triple stereo maintenance, comprehensive Protection.

2. Outstanding decoration, rich colors, satisfying the individual needs of different customers for protective products. Environmentally friendly and environmentally friendly. Addressed the problem of common products contaminating buildings.

3. Outstanding flexibility, the rigidity and flexibility of high-quality steel make the protection products have better impact resistance. The electrostatic sprayed surface makes the protective product have an excellent self-cleaning function. It can shine as new as rain scouring and water spraying, with super strong adhesion and special impact resistance.

4. Safety bolts made of stainless steel, anti-theft planning, eliminating your worries. It has excellent temperature resistance, salt spray resistance and humidity and heat resistance, suitable for different areas of use. The guardrail reveals the unique atmosphere and prudence, fashionable and exquisite noble quality! Neoclassical romance, simplicity, modernity and other styles are shining everywhere, with a dense artistic smell and a high appreciation value.