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Application of outer thickening oil steel pipe

Generally speaking, outer thickening oil steel pipe, like the high quality seamless steel pipe, has been applied popular in the petrol production and many other products too. Today, editor Sara would like to have an introduction for oil production steel pipes.


First of all, we should know that OCTG, which is including pipe, casing, line pipe is the whole equipment for the oil production process. There are lots of troubles for pipes during the process which we need to handle, such as during production process, loss of wall thickness such as rod wear, relatively large areas of corrosion is one of the main sources of failure of used oil well piping. Under this situation, so we should figure out that outer thickening oil pipe would be necessary for oil production. In addition, thread gluing is a common failure of oil piping found during manufacture and operation and this is another trouble we need to handle. So that checking for quality before application would be an important step for manufacturer.