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Benefits of API Seamless Steel Pipe

Usually, we can easily find various types of steel pipes in both domestic and international markets.

As we know, there are mainly three kinds of API steel pipe, such us seamless steel pipe, stainless steel pipe and so on. Here let me introduce something about the seamless steel pipe. Generally to satisfy different kinds of requirements, they are designed with different materials and manufacturing techniques. For example, they can be used to transport water, natural gas, air and so forth.

As one of the API steel pipe, seamless steel pipe is made using an extrusion mold. And it is different from the welded pipe which is produced by rolling a sheet of steel into a tube and welding the seam. Frankly speaking, seamless steel pipe is more expensive than the welded steel pipe. The seamless pipe can bear higher pressure than the welded steel pipe. One of the greatest advantages of using seamless steel pipes is the increased pressure ratings.

Whether you know or not, the welded seam is the most weak point of the welded steel pipe. However, there is no seam on the seamless steel pipe. Hence the tensile strength of seamless steel pipe is uniform around the entire circumference of pipe. Although it is more expensive to use seamless pipe, it allows for smaller wall thickness and pipe weight which can affect design and costs.

Different from the welded steel pipe, seamless steel pipe maintains its round cross-section since it is a continuous extrusion of the alloy. It takes advantages of true roundness of the circumference. The round crosssection is important during installation and the addition of pipe fittings.