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Broken situation of steel pipe in toilet

It would be a terrible thing for all of us if we heard the news that the steel pipe, mostly the SSAW steel pipe, is broken during the night. What would happen for this thing’s happen? Let’s have a look and we’ve found out the importance of steel pipe then.


One morning, a chill woke me up from my dream. When I got up, I found that the room was full of water. I was in a daze because I didn’t know what had happened, so I quickly jumped out of bed to ask my mom and dad, when they woke up, they also got a fright.

Dad got up to find what is wrong, along with the sound of the water running, he went to the toilet, and it turned out that the steel pipe in the toilet broke, so the water was running overnight. Dad immediately turn to maintenance company for help, and took a long time, it repaired finally, but there was too much water in the home. we spent the whole afternoon to clean the water in the house , and dry the furniture.

After that, we were so tired that we collapsed on the ground and marveled at the importance of steel pipes. If there were no steel pipes, we really don't know what life would be like now for our daily life. How to wash clothes or dishes. It’s must not as convenient as it is right now. If we want to wash it, we can't control the amount of water. 

So I have to sigh that steel pipe is really a necessity in life! If there is no steel pipe, our life will be in a mess.