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Factors affecting quality of seamless steel pipe

No doubt that various factors would have effect for the end product of seamless steel pipe when discussed among customers and suppliers. As manufacturers of steel pipe, it is our responsibility to think about this question and produce high quality product for our clients.


First of all, surface hardness of low carbon steel billet made for seamless steel pipe is rather low, when billet is blasted, pit defects will occur on its surface. Thus, this would lead to the lack of defects.

Secondly, equipment used for cutting seamless steel pipe is also necessary for high quality of it. For example, hot-shear blade is the main tool which is used to cut hot rolling steel billet. Its performance directly affects the quality of continuous metal casting billet. And this would give results for seamless steel pipe which made by steel billet.

In addition, the control for the whole production process has played an important role for high quality seamless steel pipe too. If the effective descaling is carried out, it is very magnificent to control the feeding speed of steel billet, the flow rate of water and the pressure of water.