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Factors attribute to dielectric corrosion for steel pipe

Due to the complex elements in soil and water, there is no doubt that different corrosion is occurring in innumerable steel pipes like seamless steel pipe, galvanized steel pipe as well as ERW steel pipe.


How could we figure out the relevant factors attributing to dielectric corrosion for steel pipe and keep it from the faster corrosion? Sara thinks that research for different environment is necessary.

Seawater, for instance, would be much more likely to promote dielectric corrosion than distilled water. Under this situation, we should pay high attention to the high quality of the steel pipe if we know they are produced for the deep sea project.

The temperature of the electrolyte also is a factor - the higher the temperature, the more aggressive the corrosion. In the ground water business, we usually are dealing with relatively cool water temperatures. Thus, different temperature would need different steel pipe equipment for the specific environment.