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Galvanized steel pipe is very important to our life

It is the fact that you're very important to our daily life, dear galvanized steel pipe. We know that life it isn't not like a fairy tale, we often try and fail. Finally, we bring you here in our daily life after year’s hard work. Although there are still lots of questions for you; we can handle it for customers.


Does galvanization really protect pipes?

The answer is "of course". Zinc in steel pipes serves as a sacrificial layer. Thinking about it, the zinc parts would be rust before the metal beneath it if they are exposure in the environment of humid. Thus, the zinc keeps the integrity of the pipe intact for much longer than regular pipes.


Does it cost much for galvanized steel pipes material?

How's the cost for those galvanized steel pipes? We know that cost would be an important factor for customers when we choose a product. Actually, prices are vary and they are depended on your galvanized pipe supplier and the scope of your project. For example, wholesale would be cheaper than buying single one.


How long for galvanized steel pipe last?

Lifetime would be another point we pay high attention to. This question would depend on the environment you use the galvanized steel pipe and the pipe’s quality. The thicker your zinc coating, the longer your pipe will last. The environment also plays a role in determining your pipe’s life span. If your pipes will be placed in highly corrosive conditions, then it would use for a long time for several decades at least.