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Heating operation's role in production of LSAW steel pipe

We know the control of heating operation in production of LSAW steel pipe plays an important role for quality of the product. So it is necessary to take heating operation into consideration when we have the steel pipe's production process.


Reheating furnace, according to the production process, can be classified two main categories. One is used to billet heated from room temperature to the processing temperature; Another is used in the process in the blank reheated to the required processing temperature.


Due to the disparity during the manufacturing, there would be trouble like exhibiting cracks, folds and migraine pain as well as other problems which would cause damage to the project when they are used for low pressure liquid delivery, such as water, gas, and oil. Under this situation, we should take serious attention to the whole production process during workers working on it. Thus we can get different quality standard for these LSAW steel pipes: taking CI/t 3022 spiral submerged-arc welded steel pipe for municipal heat supply and IS : 1978 steel tubes for use in transportation of oil; gas petroleum products for example.


We would like to choose the suitable one for our daily usage according to the quality standards of the LSAW steel pipe.