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How to seize the moment for price reduction of steel pipe

Some clients would make a joke that why you always cut price once I wholesale the steel products like the seamless steel pipe from you. Actually, it is not the supplier control the price, it is the market demands. Under this situation, fluctuations in prices of steel pipe is normal.


So how could we seize the moment for price reduction of steel pipe? Reading relative news often and getting to know the market would be benefit for the changing of the price. We can take the recent price fluctuation for SSAW steel pipe for example.


From the price list of December 14th, 2017, we can see that the SSAW steel pipe with API 5L is 655 USD/Ton.


And it down to 625 USD/Ton a week after. Actually, some customers would like to wholesale steel pipes at this moment for stock.


However, a week later, the price is 585 USD/Ton and this would make some customers mad as the price down again.


But we should look at it ups after another week with 645 USD/Ton.


Actually, doing some market research would be good for the price judgement.