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How to reduce the damage caused by cold working to stainless steel pipes?

1. The stainless steel pipe standards in most countries, especially the European unified stainless steel pipe standards, stipulate that all stainless steel seamless steel pipes must be supplied in a solid solution or annealed state to eliminate performance damage caused by cold working and welding.

2. Three key parameters should be paid attention to during solution treatment: heating temperature, rapid cooling method and high temperature residence time. Excessively high solution treatment temperature or residence time will be detrimental to the corrosion resistance of the material. To determine whether the solid solution is in place, the hardness measurement, flaring, crimping, flattening, and tensile data can be determined, and the hardness measurement is the easiest.

3. Due to solid solution or annealing due to high temperature heating and pickling treatment, the manufacturing cost and production cycle are significantly increased. In addition, there are waste gas and waste water emissions such as acid mist. Some companies omit this process and use this product, which is easy to produce after use. Production and personal accidents.

4. For some products or application conditions, it may be difficult to implement solid solution or annealing. Controlling the degree of cold working (the amount of processing deformation) and locally performing low temperature stress relief annealing are practical methods to reduce harmful effects.