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India imposes anti-dumping duty for cold-rolled flat Steel products

Anti-dumping duty has been imposed by India on certain cold-rolled flat steel  products from different countries to protect the domestic industry from cheap  imports. 

According to Finance Ministry notification, anti-dumping duty  of the difference between the landed value of the steel products and $594 per  tonne will be levied. 

Duty has been imposed to four nations including  China, Japan, South Korea and Ukraine. The anti-dumping duty was imposed on  recommendation of the Directorate General of Anti Dumping (DGAD).

The  anti-dumping duty imposed to the countries would be for six months for  cold-rolled flat products of alloy or non-alloy steel. 

Earlier India had  imposed anti-dumping duty on import of hot-rolled flat products of alloy or  non-alloy steel from China, Japan, Korea, Russia, Brazil and Indonesia.