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India remains to be number four in steel production

According to the data, published by the World Steel Association, the production of steel in India, grew by 1.8 percent this year, in the period from Januvary to September, from 61.4 tonnes, which was the production recorded to be in the last year, to 62.41 tonnes, this year, at the same period, which is noted to be the second highest increase in the production, among the four countries.

For the  last four years, since the year 2009, India, continues to stabilize its position as the fourth largest steel maker in the world. An industry expert stated, that, this pattern would be followed unbroken, in the coming years too.

From the month of January to September, China produced more than half of the worlds's production of steel, 1,231 million tonnes of steel, which is 61.4 million tonnes of steel, produced by china, in the same period of time. There has been 2.3 percent of the hike in  the production of steel in china, compared to that in the last year. But the production in the  last month and this month remains to0 be constant and same, which id 67.5 million tonnes of steel.

Japan managed to keep its second position with about 83.1 million tonnes in the same period of nine months, but with just 0.8 percent hike in its production compared to last year with 82.4.

US acquired the third position, with 66.5 million tonnes of steel in its stock, a 1.6 percent increase in its production in nine months of time. The steel production in the US fell by .6 percent in the month of September, which slowed down the production.