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Influence from high temperature for steel pipe

We know that there is hot piecing production process for seamless steel pipe making. But this not means the steel pipe is not afraid of high temperature. We should figure out the limit for this, thus, we can protect our steel tubes timely.


Rusting may happen after the stainless steel pipeline has been exposed to very high temperatures. What’s exact temperature for this? Generally speaking, it would be 750-1550°F range (400-850°C). Under this temperature, we can find the corrosion in welding steel pipe’s application in which stainless is heated and then cooled. Once we find corrosion, sensitization would be here and the carbon and the chromium bond to form carbides. And finally, if we don’t solve this trouble, we may lost our steel pipes forever and we have to buy new one. Thus, we should make protection methods and choose the suitable steel pipe for our engineering project.