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Introduction of several galvanized sheets

Galvanized steel:

It is resistant to fingerprints, has excellent corrosion resistance, and maintains the work ability of cold rolled plates.


Uses: home appliances, computer cases, and some door panels and panels.


Hot dip galvanized steel sheet:

Main characteristics: 1. Corrosion resistance; 2. Paint-ability; 3. Form-ability;  4. Spot welding.


Uses: extremely wide, small appliances, good appearance.


Aluminized zinc steel sheet: 

It is a heterogeneous alloy material containing aluminum and zinc.


Main features:

1. Corrosion resistance;

2 heat resistance;

3. Thermal conductivity and thermal reflectivity;




Use: Used in some places that require good reflectivity, such as the reflector inside the oven and the reflector in the electric cooker.