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It is our lucky to be accompanied by steel pipe

“How many sorts of steel pipes are there”, an innocent girl in a rosy skirt asked her dad when they passed by a store which offered steel pipes. “Dear, there are numerous kinds of pipes. For instance, seamless steel pipe for gas transmission, pipes for water delivery, and some others for rainwater convey”, answered the dad.



The girl postulated that if there were no steel pipes in the world on that clear evening as the great convenience of steel pipes her dad told her, and took it down on her exercise book:

If there is no steel pipe in the world, some jobs which are related to this field will disappear. For no stores of pipes stand on street, some people may be trapped in dry dock when there is no demand for sales and installment. Consequently, unprivileged people cannot enjoy their life as happy as others.

If there is no steel pipe in the world, individuals, corporations, and nations, all of these will be incapable of operating smoothly. Raw materials in liquid or gas condition are tough to transport. Take water as an example, which is a necessity in people’s daily life and plays an indispensable role in industry. If you take water in a bucket, your arms will be sore within few minutes definitely. And this is also true of all walks of life. Conveying water in other ways will cost a lot, which will add financial burden to one’s business.

So, our life will be inconvenient without steel pipes. It is these pipes that provide us a high-quality life. We are so lucky to be accompanied by steel pipes.