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Latest News About Welded Steel Pipe Industry in China

Welded steel pipe is commonly known as black steel pipe. It could be used to convey water, gas, air, oil and heating steam. According to the application, both the normal pipes and the thickened pipes are available in the market. According to the joints, the pipes are separated into the types with threads or without threads. The specification of the steel pipe is represented in caliber(mm). To increase the sales, the welded steel pipe manufacturers in China have developed the overseas market. We are one of the reputable manufacturers and if you plan to cooperate with us, please contact us at any time.

Compared with the same period of last year, the inventory of steel is relatively lower. Furthermore, shortage has appeared in some areas. In July, the price has keep on rising for two weeks. And the weekly amount of increase is about 0.73%. In summer, due to the heavy rain, series of construction projects are influenced. Thereby, the demand for steel pipes are not enough. Thereby, it is easy to estimate that in the short term, the price and demand of steel pipe would vibrate continuously.

In Tianjin, one of the largest heavy industrial cities in China, the price of welded steel pipe is stable since it could get sufficient raw materials from Tangshan. In China, even though the pipes' price is pulled up by the ingredients, the customers still express wait-and-see attitude to the afternoon market cautiously. That is why the trade volume is not so huge. Despite of the weak trade volume in China, the steel pipes are needed urgently in some countries, including Germany and Sweden.