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Let me tell you how to recognize galvanized steel pipe

I’m very sad when some friends tell me that they cannot recognize me when we are applied in engineering project. Okay, today, I, galvanized steel pipe would like to make a self-introduction so that you would know me next time when you see us on the way home.


Comparison would be the best way to let you recognize me. So I decide to use this method to have an introduction. Starting by finding your water line and scratch the outside of the pipe with the screwdriver, you would figure out the difference:

Copper pipe: No doubt that the scratched area will look like a copper penny with gray or light golden color. And a magnet will not stick to it.

Galvanized steel pipe: The scratched area will have a silver-gray color, and a strong magnet will stick to it.Of course, you would find the rust inside of the pipe if they are used for a long time for water transportation.

Plastic pipe: The scratched area will appear ivory or white in color when you see from the outside. And a magnet will not stick to it.


Thus, you can recognize me from the color and a magnet stick or not.