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Life expectancy of galvanized steel pipe

Whatever demands you have for your steel pipe supplier, if you need your steel pipe to be long lasting, then galvanized steel pipe coated with a thin layer of zinc would be one of your top choices.


1/2 inch diameter galvanized steel pipe, with connections threaded, the rust accumulation inside the steel pipe would choke down the diameter of the pipe. And this would lead to poor water pressure. Under this situation, it is necessary to have a check for the galvanized steel pipe regularly. Thus it would prolong life-span for the steel pipe. Rust can attack the steel pipe's walls too, making the walls thinner. What should we do for that? A zinc layer would slow down the progress of rust and this would save our money for repairing as well as the replacement. In addition, with a minimum thickness of 50 microns, galvanized steel pipe gives a working temperature of between -10 and +110 °, which has excellent adhesion properties and resistance to abrasion or burst.