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Notice letter about official business email from threeway steel pipe company

There was a notice letter coming from our manager yesterday. She told that we should make sure the safety both for our clients as well as ourselves. So whether you buy seamless steel pipe or welded tubes here, please making sure the official business email first.


For letter’s details, we’ve put it in website’s column “about us”. And here are some details for you too.

Threeway Steel Co., Ltd has always advocated the business philosophy of operating according to law and being honest and trustworthy. In order to strengthen the fairness and justice of our future cooperation, improve the efficiency of communication, and ensure the cooperation project can be launched successfully. We shall inform you our official business email to maintain long-term cooperation and avoid unnecessary losses.

First, The official email of Threeway Steel Co., Ltd is limited to the following three items

Second, We, Threeway Steel Co., Ltd, only designated the above-mentioned official email to make orders, make commitment and clarify the rights and obligations between Threeway Steel Co., Ltd and our clients. We DO NOT ACCEPT any individuals or companies uses non-official email other than the above-mentioned email, and on the behalf of Threeway Steel Co., Ltd make any decisions involving the rights and obligations.

Third, Although the non-official email was confirmed by the above-mentioned email users, Threeway Steel Co., Ltd only recognizes the relevant information sent from the above-mentioned email. Any information sent from non-official email is not recognized.