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Oil steel pipe corrosion control for customers

Taking about oil tube, no matter ERW steel pipe or seamless one, we should take corrosion question in it all the time. Generally speaking, loved pipes, corrosion inhibitor and other methods to solve the internal corrosion for pipelines these years.


With the strengthening improvement of the pipeline, owners of the pipeline would have better operation and management for those oil steel pipes too. Thus the stringent requirements of the transmission medium, internal corrosion in large part to get control. At home and abroad, oil pipeline corrosion control main development direction of the outer anti-corrosion, pipeline inspection focusing on coating defects and pipe defects due to external corrosion caused by. In recent years, with the widespread popularity of computer technology and applications, domestic and international testing technology has been rapid development, pipeline inspection technology gradually formed pipe internal and external detection technology (coating detection, intelligent detection) two branches.