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One inconspicuous thing-steel pipe in our daily life

When it comes to the basic necessities of our life, the first things we think of may be light, water, air, and electricity. But today we are going to talk about one inconspicuous thing-steel pipe(ranging from seamless steel pipe to welded one).


The word “steel pipe” sounds like one that has nothing to do with our daily life; however, it is also an indispensable part of our lives. Let’s see what would happen if there is no steel pipe in the world.

One day morning, you get up and go to toilet. Without steel pipes to bring you water, you feel embarrassed as you can’t flush the toilet. Also, you can’t use running water to brush your teeth or wash your face. Maybe you need to dig a well behind your house to apply you water for life.

Provided there is a well available indeed, after fetching a kettle of water, you want to boil it to make tea. Without steel pipes to transport natural gas, you have to figure out a way to make a fire. Maybe you need a soil stove.

After giving up many daily routines, eventually you left your home and head for work. There is no car or bicycle in the word without steel pipe, so you go to your office on foot. Arriving here, you find that almost all things in the office, like desks, chairs, desk lamps and so on, contain steel pipes. Without them, your working efficiency is under threat.

It’s hard to continue my imagination. I have never felt that steel pipes are so important to our life before.