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One hour without steel pipe in the world

Today, I would take an interesting research for friends-imaging the life without steel pipe, whether seamless steel pipe, ERW steel pipe or SSAW steel pipe for an hour. What would happen in this hour?


Jack: It would be kill me as my restaurant needs water which transports by steel pipe for washing dishes after the customers leave.

Lucy: Oh my god! What should I do as my children need the hot water counted on the transportation of steel pipe for washing if you make the steel pipe disappear.

Sara: The toilet would be stink without the water depended on steel pipe’s transportation here. And people would go crazy if they want to have a pee at this moment!

David: My boss would kill me if I say to him that one hour without steel pipe here in factory. We all know that the machine needs to work all the time and we cannot work regularly without the transportation of various materials by steel pipe.



How about you? What would you do without the steel pipe for one hour in the world? We would know how important these steel pipes for us only when we lose them.