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Passive layer for stainless steel pipe

When we discussed stainless steel pipe or seamless steel pipe of stainless type, we may have misunderstanding for it. Some of us may think that stainless steel should not rust. Actually, it is not true, oxidation, corrosion, rusting for stainless steel tube is quite common.


If we want to figure the misconception out, we should start from the passive layer for stainless steel pipeline.

First of all, stainless steel pipe, due to the special protection from passive layer, it will slow down the process of oxidation, corrosion or rust. However, it eventually spalls off.

Secondly, stainless steels will go through a very different process. Thanks to their high chromium content, when chromium reacts with oxygen, it creates a passive layer of chromium oxide. So it would have long service life for customers than common steel tube.

What's more, the passive layer is self-repairing: if it is damaged, chromium in the exposed stainless steel will react with oxygen to form new chromium oxide. If the situation allows, it will rust finally.

So once we choose stainless steel pipe especially seamless type, it will increase the life service time not means it can work forever.