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Processing technology of stainless steel stamping elbow pipe fittings

1. Used in the stainless steel pipe system, the dimensional accuracy of the double-clamping pipe fittings is improved, the error of the pipe is allowed to increase, and the adaptability is stronger.
2. The tensile strength of dual card compression is 1.8 times higher than that of single card compression, which is more suitable for high-rise buildings with high water pressure.
3. The double-clamping pipe fitting will not cut the rubber ring when inserted into the pipe.
4. The double-clamping rubber ring is sealed in stainless steel, the durability of the rubber ring is significantly improved, and the double-clamping seal ring is squeezed evenly from the left and right, and the seal ring will not be extruded from the side with double water pressure, which makes up for the single-clamping pressure. Deficiencies in the application process.
5. At the double-clamp joint, the pipe will not affect the sealing ring when the pipe is bent and deformed by the external force. The stamped elbow pipe-fitting card connection technology is an upgraded product with technical performance, technical indicators, and technical level.