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Right method to choose cold drawn and finish rolling seamless steel pipe (2)

According to different production equipment, there are two kinds of type for seamless steel pipe, which are cold drawn and finishing. Which kind of type we need to choose for our engineering project? Today, we would make a list for comparison for it.


Production equipment difference:

1) Cold drawn: generally speaking, it would be 0.5 ~ 100T single-chain or double-chain cold drawn machine;

2) Finish rolling: it would be made by a two-roll mill which makes it rolled in a ring-shaped bore.


Finished products difference:

1) Cold drawn: this kind of method would lead to thin wall thickness of the cold drawn steel pipe. For example, the plum pipe would be made by this way.

2)Finish rolling: finishing rolling method would give us the wall thickness range large. For example, now our skill can now give finish rolling 0.8-40mm.


There is also the difference on wall thickness deviation and so on. Having a look at website for more details about them.