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Safety measures for thin-walled stainless steel pipe construction

1. The site must strictly implement the national safety production laws and regulations and adhere to the policy of "safety first, prevention first".

2. Personnel without safety education are not allowed to work. Safety management personnel and special operations personnel must pass safety training and hold certificates to work.

3. The technical person in charge of the project department shall provide written safety technical clarifications to the staff to ensure that safety measures are implemented.

4. The personnel at the construction site must wear safety helmets, and safety belts must be worn when working at heights. Eye-catching warning signs must be hung at the openings of the shafts.

5. The construction site should be equipped with sufficient fire fighting equipment.

6. Garbage generated during construction should be cleaned up in time and covered during transportation to prevent dust.

7. Set up special warehouses for flammable materials such as olefin, gasoline, paint, etc., and smoking is prohibited in various warehouse areas.

8. Hang safety warning signs and post safety propaganda slogans to create a safe construction environment and always sound the alarm in the hearts of construction workers.

9. Strengthen the safety operation procedures, strictly follow the safety operation procedures, and issue the "Safety Operation Procedures" to the teams.

10. For safety violations, implement economic penalties and order suspension of work.

11. All kinds of electrical equipment should be equipped with leakage protection devices, and check the integrity frequently. If hidden dangers are found, they should be dealt with in time. Low voltage electrical appliances should be used in the humid environment of the basement. Have double withstand voltage insurance.

12. Reserve holes. Safety nets should be provided for elevator shaft holes and shafts. Temporary railings should be installed at the entrance of the elevator shaft, and safety doors should be installed at the mouth of the derrick.

13. During the three-dimensional crossing construction, the same construction number of high and low levels shall not appear on the vertical plane. When it is indeed impossible to stagger, a protective shelter should be set up, and a police boundary line should be set up in the high-altitude operation area, and a special person should be assigned to look after it.