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Seamless steel tube controlled cooling technology

1) On-line normalization process: The main attention should be paid to the reasonable selection of the normalization chain bed length, chain bed operating speed, cooling method, adding a water-cooling ring, and setting the process parameters of the reheating furnace.


2) On-line quenching (including on-line solution treatment) process: The choice of cooling method should be mainly concerned, and the choice of "internal spray + external shower, steel pipe clamping rotation" or "steel pipe rotating while immersed in the water tank, inner surface axial spray The latter can also be transformed into the steel pipe advancing along the axis of the water tank or water-based liquid quenching.


3) On-line rapid cooling process: It is necessary to focus on increasing the water-cooling ring to control the starting temperature, the reasonable design of the length of the cooling device, the reasonable configuration of the seamless steel tube rotating mechanism, and the reasonable improvement of the cooler nozzle.