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Several main types of cooling bed for seamless steel pipe

Cooling bed is a key link in steel pipe production line for guarantee the final quality. So there is essential to have some basic knowledge for those types of cooling bed for seamless steel pipe in order to produce high quality product.


Most of us would familiar with single chain cooling bed and double-stranded cooling bed, so there would ignore the introduction about these two types. And today the main core is the new chain cooling bed and stepping rack-type cooling bed.


The new chain cooling bed

No doubt that with the development of advanced technology, the new chain cooling bed has combined good feature of single and double cooling bed as well as other special characters which would good for the production of the steel pipes. New chain cooling bed has been divided into uphill and downhill. The positive and negative interaction make the steel pipe continue to rotate forward and do climbing which is good for quality. Downhill section for the forward transport chain and steel pipe parallel arrangement of single-chain structure, relying on self-weight to achieve rotation, so landslide movement.


Stepping rack-type cooling bed

With two sets of step racks, there is no doubt that we can make the steel pipes safely and high quality except the basic demand requirement for steel pipes.