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Space available for different pipe repairing

It is no doubt that we need to repair our pipes of water or gas transportation sometimes. However, do you know the space available for different pipe’s repairing? Like the ERW steel pipe from manufacturer?   


This is really very important before your repairing. There are some examples for your reference if you just need to repair. If you are repairing a pipe, and it is under 2 inch nominal dimension. Under this situation, taking pressure of the pipe into consideration, you do not need more than 300 psi pressure, and style 65 or style 90 may be your best choice. In addition, if you are repairing a gas line or oil line, due to the high pressure for transportation of oil and gas, editor thinks that style 90 universal coupling is very popular to repair gas lines. Of course, there are for steel pipes, if you are repairing a PVC or PE pipe or any combination of steel and PVC/PE pipe, style 90 universal coupling has a lock ring to prevent from pipe pull out.


If space is not an issue, light pattern should be your next choice as along as pressure requirement is no more than 150 psi. Saving money and saving space would be our next consideration too.