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Spiral tube New Arrivals-Shinestar’s product development to a new level

In march,a full set of loading with 22 meters spiral pipe, which is research and development of new products by Shinestar Group Co.,Ltd, is ready to start.The new results make us become the only one manufacturer to produce 30 meters lengths spiral pipe in Central and southern China.
Shinestar adopted, for example, in the process of new product research and development of the domestic top production technology, using the United States imports of advanced equipment, Lincoln welder, experienced employees hired technology at the same time, fundamentally ensure the quality of the research and development of new products.Through strict ultrasonic detection, X-ray detection, spiral tube product all reached GB/T 9711-2011 and domestic industry standard API 5 l, from production to the quality of the product, Shinestar reach the technological leap. 

In the current steel market, more than 20 meters of the spiral pipe is widely used in pile foundation, wharf, infrastructure construction, engineering projects such as roads, spiral pipe produced by shinestar has become the confidence of our customers because of its high production efficiency and low cost of transportation. In the next 10 years, shinestar 22 meters spiral pipe new category will become a major national infrastructure needs and to play a more important role. 

Shinestar regards product quality as enterprise life, great attention to product R & D and innovation. In the past 23 years, Shinestar not only focus on product sales and services,but also pay more attention to product development and production, with five Production Base in Changsha, Xiangyin, Nanchang, Tianjin, Shinestar has formed a strong R & D production platform, ensuring to provide various kinds and high quality steel  product in the domestic and overseas. Over the years, just because Shinestar has attached high priority to the development of production to ensure product quality, we products are exported to Europe, Africa, South America etc, and has won widespread praise, and full recognition. Shinestar has been one of the leader in steel industry in the domestic and overseas. 
In the future, SHINESTAR will put more effort on new product research and development. Our goal is to produce the spiral welded steel pipe with outside diameter of 2520mm and wall thickness of 20mm and length of 30 meters. During the innovation period of time, SHINESTAR will keep investing on new products researching and developing, we will keep introducing advanced technologies and equipment all over the world so as to produce high quality steel pipes to our clients. In the next five year, SHINESTAR will strive to build our own production zone to adapt our globalization strategy.