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Steel Pipe Application in Ocean Engineering, Water Engineering: Piling Pipe

Tube has been widely application in ocean engineering. Ship and ocean engineering system demand roughly three types of steel pipe: steel pipe, structure used in the steel pipe in the conventional system and special purpose steel pipe.
1. The steel pipe in the conventional system
Different ship and ocean engineering, both the conventional system, and has a dedicated system.
The service life of the ship for 20 years. Conventional system very much, basically have bilge, ballast, drainage, sewage, air, measure, injection, water, fire, cargo, stripping, breathable, inert gas, heating, washing evaporation, foam, water, gas, liquid level telemetry, remote control valve, such as system, special ships include transport liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), liquefied natural gas (LNG), and other dedicated system. The service life of the Marine engineering for 30 years, or longer. In ocean engineering in addition to conventional systems, there are special drilling equipment system, crude oil/LPG/LNG processing process system, special mooring system, the torch system, and so on.
Had some statistics, the ship class of tubing in the consumption of 4.5 million tons, about 440000 root, the standard is GB, YB, CB, 70% of the steel pipe with the connection between. Only one dosage of 30 ton of ultra large ship pipe can reach tens of kilometers, only dosage of steel pipe (including) 1500 tons, of course, relative to 40000 tons of dosage of hull structure is still limited. In addition, considering the same kind of ship, to build more ships, there are many other ships, so that the cumulative dosage is less. 30 - and a very large FPSO pipe number more than 30000 root, train length of more than 90 kilometers, is the same tonnage level 2 ~ 3 times. Therefore, the shipbuilding industry also becomes a large user of steel pipe market.
2. The structure steel pipe
Ocean engineering, the application of steel tube in addition to the conventional system with dedicated system, many structural steel pipes are widely used, such as jacket, underwater piling pipe, waterproof casing, mooring support and helicopter platform, the torch tower, etc. Specifications, material quality is high, the more of this kind of steel pipe with same diameter, different diameter, different wall thickness, there are a lot of Y, K, T tube of the node. Such as jacket,piling pipe, at the mouth of the well water jacket and so on, more than for large diameter size of the steel tube, usually made with steel plate and into. Their material for E36 Z35, D36,Z35, E36,D36. This kind of steel tube standard has not with YB, CB, and mainly GB712-2000. Steel pipe production is according to the national standards of the oil industry technical committee (the CPSC) formulation of the structural steel pipe manufacturing standard SY/T10002-2000. Because there is no specific enterprise in our country, usually by the construction unit to purchase steel plate to processing after forming.