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Steel billet applied in seamless steel pipe

We would like to use steel billet dropped by our parents for toys in our childhood. Sara gets know that this kind of product would be used in seamless steel pipe production. Who is this boy? Let’s have a look at it.


Lots of books have discussed the oxidation resistant coatings applied to steel billet at high temperature. Why should the steel billet need the high temperature dealing? This relates to products process which includes the hot pressing pressure, hot pressing temperature and pressing time. These elements are the result of the integrated action of the slab state (wood raw material, adhesive, moisture content, etc.) and hot pressing elements. Under this situation, if the effective descaling is carried out, it is very important to control the feeding speed of steel billet, the flow rate of water and the pressure of water. Thus suppliers would guarantee the high quality seamless steel pipe for clients during the whole production process.