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Steel fittings application and market(1)

We've added a new column recently, which is pipe fittings and flanges. And they could be pipe flanges, pipe cap, pipe tee, pipe reducer, pipe elbow as well as pipe bend. Except seamless steel pipe or ERW steel pipe, we can also divide them according to these steel fitting’s function.


Today, we would talk energy related and food beverage related firstly.  

First of all, energy related steel pipe fittings. This kind of fittings would be used among oil and gas industries. They would be upstream, midstream and downstream work situation. Of course, power plants would use fossil or nuclear fuels.

Then, food and beverage production would have it too. For example, we need milk, juices and others beverages lots of time. Cold chain to keep produce fresh, drinks and frozen foods at a set temperature. Desalination plants to transform seawater into drinking water for arid areas and various tropical islands.


No matter which kind of steel pipe fittings you choose, first is safety.