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Steel pipe corrosion triggered by contact with iron or carbon particles

Once we decide to choose steel pipe for our engineering project, we should make sure the protection work from all aspects. And for seamless steel pipe, even for seamless stainless type, we still need to focus on the corrosion triggered by contact with iron or carbon particles.


Stainless steel corrosion can also be triggered by contacting with iron or carbon steel particles. Trace particles coming from iron or carbon steel have impact on stainless steel pipe’s surfaces, like rust would be one of the types. If we don’t take care of this rust situation, the rust spots would “grow”, and it may compromise the chromium oxide surface and, in the worst cases, it can evolve into “pitting” like localized corrosion. Contamination is common when stainless steel is subject to sparks from nearby welding, cutting, drilling, or grinding of carbon steel. So attention would be all the time once we adopt the steel pipe in our daily work.