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Storage of steel pipe in Threewaysteel company

Some clients would like to negotiate for the steel pipe in storage due to the emergency situation. For supplier of various steel pipes from seamless steel pipe, ERW steel pipe to other steel pipes, Threewaysteel Co. Ltd has its own storage.


From the picture above, we can figure out the characters for Threewaysteel pipe’s storage.

First of all, orderliness would be important. We can see that we’ve classified different area for each kind of steel pipe. This would lead to the easy for finding once we need them. Manufacturers would have soon found the one they wanted if the steel pipes had kept in order.

What’s more, cleanness is another necessary factor for storage. Cleanness environment would benefit for the storage of the steel pipe. As it would avoid the unnecessary damage like water, soil and so on from the environment.


So we should speculate the storage situation once we decide to have the ready made steel pipes from suppliers.