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Surface treatment process of zinc steel guardrail

The surface treatment of the zinc steel guardrail is a production process with a very high technical content. Generally, the surface of the zinc steel guardrail should be smooth, and appearance defects such as burrs, welding slag and obvious hammer marks must not occur. It shall be solid at the welding place, and the connection of metal railings with metal, plastic or hard wood handrails shall meet the design requirements and the relevant current standards and specifications. Different places have different requirements for the color of the zinc steel guardrail. The zinc steel guardrail can meet any personal requirements of the designer, and achieve the effect of car shell enamel or imitation wood grain color.

The biggest advantage of the new zinc-steel balcony fence combined fence is its convenient installation method. The new zinc-steel balcony fence combined fence can be completed at the construction site just by combining installation. The unit's first choice in fence construction.

Construction companies in the building materials market will notice a new building material such as a new zinc steel fence combination fence. The rise of this building material in the building materials market is only a few years, but it has occupied a relatively large market area of the fence market. In terms of the service life of the new zinc steel guardrail combined fence, its service life is far longer than that of steel structure railings. In terms of aesthetics, high brightness also ensures the aesthetics of the railings.