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Surface protection technology for oil and gas steel pipe

Each kind of steel pipe, no matter ERW steel pipe for water transportation, or seamless steel pipe for oil and gas transmission, will have its special service for human beings. And for them, surface protection technology is an important step for long service life.


Once we have the project of oil or gas exploitation, we know that seamless steel pipe would serve us in the very harsh and complex environments. Thus, we should make sure these pipes have the good health to bear the brunt of the surface of the material. Under this situation, usage of appropriate surface protection technology would finally lead to the high hardness and wear resistance, corrosion resistance. Once they can extend their life, they will work for us in the very long time. For example, the partial substitution of expensive corrosion resistant alloy pipe which can find in threewaysteel pipe company, meets the conditions of service requirements, but also to control the cost of the oil casing in a more economical range.