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The Brightest Scenery in Shinestar - Walk into Threeway Steel

They are a young and vibrant team. They carry forward the dauntless spirit of “Where there is a will, there is a way”.In the first line of the international steel sales,they have made one remarkable achievements after another and realized new span one by one. Who are they? They are the most beautiful landscape in Shinestar-Threeway Steel Co.,Ltd


Threeway Steel Co.,Ltd is a world-class SSAW steel pipe manufacturer,one of the largest subsidiary in SHINESTAR HOLDINGS GROUP.As the company’s largest export base, we are committed to providing professional one-stop purchase service,excellent quality control and competitive prices, convenient shipping and timely delivery.Currently,the customers have already been throughout all over the world.including Singapore, Vietnam, Egypt, Nigeria, the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Oman, Mexico, Colombia, Australia etc. In the future, Threeway co.,ltd devotes to bring unexpected exceptional experience for worldwide customer by the excellent strength and abundant experience.


We are solidarity ,like a big family.

First of all, Threeway Steel Co.,Ltd is a solidarity team. In this big family, we help and love each other, everyone is unique, irreplaceable.Sales director Zhou Cong, is a stable person, be careful in everything. She treat everything meticulously. She pay attention to team cooperation spirit and strong ability to work independently both.Thinking is very active, often put forward some creative ideas.


Han Wenting is the sales director which Cheerful character and high sense of responsibility. She can always noticed some small details and make it perfected, she had own original ideas at the problem and she has very good workability.Hu Xinmin sales director which have wide interests and optimistic, he always bring us a lot of laughter. He is the honest man who has strong organization ability and the ability to adapt and has strong management planning and management coordination.


Studious and fortitude sales director Ling Xiao, normally like to keep learning, constantly enrich himself, has a wide range of interests, ability to adapt is also very strong, has the courage to meet new challenges, is an example to all of us.Friendly, modest sales director Yuqin Liu, hard working, conscientious and very patient. At the same time she has a special affinity, approachable, is good at communicating with people, and gets on very well with colleagues.

Hard-working,make contributions. 

Secondly, Threeway is a hard-working team , which able to fight with any problems.
Everyone willing to do overtime job without complaint at business busy time. To heavy workload, they treat with highly responsible professional attitude and offer the best service to our customer. Every face are filled with a bright smile when customer say YES.    
Everyone in the Threeway team are ordinary and doing ordinary jobs, they like the drop in the ocean, but many of them together converging to the vast sea. All staffs in the Threeway practical progress, make contributions, which makes Threeway develope to strong as today.


Sailing the Seas Depends on the Helmsman, under the outstanding leadership, everyone in the Threeway works with 100% enthusiasm and energy, which makes the ship of Threeway break the wind and waves, march forward courageously.


No matter now or in the future,threeway will uphold the serious and responsible attitude and provide the better service for customer by the product innovation and service innovation,to make sure our customer purchase the most-effective steel.


They do not have earth-shattering feat and heroic mettle. all they do just to make excellence become a habit, intention become a morality, responsibility become a nature. In the future, threeway will continue to do a solid work to create a broader and brighter future!