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The main purpose of the spiral tube heat treatment process

The spiral pipe is the national standard steel number of GB5310-2008 high pressure boiler seamless steel pipe. Its steel grade is widely used in boiler steel pipes. Its main purpose is to manufacture high pressure and high parameters boiler fittings.

Such as: low temperature section superheater, reheater, economizer and water wall; large diameter spiral tube is suitable for steam pipe with wall temperature ≤ 450 °C, header (economizer, water wall, low temperature superheater and reheat Group) box type) medium temperature ≤ 450 ° C pipe fittings.

Therefore, in the course of use, there are high requirements for the normal temperature and high temperature strength, plasticity and toughness of the spiral tube. Large diameter spiral tubes are mainly produced by thermal control units and are commonly used for mechanical performance indicators. After offline normalization processing. In order to make full use of the advantages of the thermal expansion process, improve production efficiency, reduce the production process of the spiral pipe, shorten the production cycle, and save energy.

The main purpose of the spiral tube heat treatment process is to eliminate the structural defects formed by rolling, improve the structural state, and improve the macroscopic mechanical performance index.

Therefore, the spiral tube is produced through an online standardized process route, thereby increasing the production efficiency of the thermal expansion unit, and reducing the damage of the iron-based material structure by burning and repeated heating.