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The production temperature of straight seam steel pipes is very important

In the process of producing straight seam steel pipes, the temperature must be strictly controlled to ensure the reliability of welding. If the temperature is too small, the welding position may not reach the temperature required for welding. When most of the metal structure is still solid, it is difficult for the metal at both ends to infiltrate and bond together. At that time, when the temperature was already too high, a lot of metal was in the molten state at the welding position. The texture of these parts was very soft, and some fluidity might carry molten droplets. When such metal drops, the same There is not sufficient metal to penetrate each other. And when welding, there will be some unevenness and the weld will form a molten hole. Therefore, manufacturers of integrated sewage treatment equipment reminded that the temperature must be strictly controlled during the production process of longitudinally welded pipes. Regular manufacturers have a lot of control technology, so the temperature control requirements can be achieved during the production process to ensure products, so we need to buy the longitudinal welded pipes from reliable manufacturers.