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Three connection methods of large diameter spiral steel pipe

The most commonly used connection method for large-diameter spiral steel pipes is welding, but in some projects, threaded connections, flange connections, socket connections, groove connections and other forms are often used.


1. Welding, flange connection

Welding and flange connection belong to the traditional spiral steel pipe connection method. They are far from meeting market demands in terms of safety, sealing performance, cost space, and repair efficiency.


2. Groove pipe connection

Groove pipe connection technology, also known as clamp connection technology, has become the current first technology for the connection of liquid and gas pipelines. Although the development time of this technology in China is later than that of foreign countries, due to its advanced technology, it is quickly adopted by domestic Accepted by the market. The application of grooved pipe connection technology makes the complicated pipeline connection process simple, fast and convenient, and makes the pipeline connection technology a big step forward.


The groove connection makes the pipeline connection operation simple, which is conducive to construction safety, good system stability, convenient maintenance, and labor and time saving, so it has good economic benefits. Clamp connection is used. Although the price of a single fitting is higher, the overall efficiency of the entire pipe network installation is higher than that of flange connection.


3. Clamp pipe connection

As an advanced pipeline connection method, the clamp pipe connection can be either explicitly or buried, and has both steel and flexible joints. Therefore, it has a wide range of application.