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Welded pipes for fire fighting applications

Welded pipe for fire fighting means for fire safety, fire-fighting equipment, transport fire extinguishing water, gas pipeline or other media material. As the fire pipeline is normally in a quiescent state, and more stringent requirements for the pipeline, the pipeline needs to pressure resistance, corrosion resistance, high temperature performance. his pipe use less time and frequency, working pressure is bigger.

Installation of welded pipes for fire fighting
Installation Preparation → dry pipe valve installed alarm installed → sprinkler riser installation stratified lunar pipe, fire hydrants and branch pipe installation → flow indicator, fire pumps, water tanks, pumps combined installed pipeline pressure test → sprinkler pipe flushing branch pipe installation (integrated pressure test and flush the system) → alarm valve throttling device installation accessories, fire hydrant parts, sprinkler system installation → pass the water test.

Welding of thick-walled large diameter fire pipe mouth should adopt multi-pass welding, when the multi-pass welds should be checked after passing drill before welding sub-layer, until completion. After completion of the pressure pipe welding, the weld surface should be cleaned, visual inspection qualified. Molding should be a good weld appearance, and should be a smooth transition; weld width on each side should be more than 2mm bevel edge is appropriate, the weld surface shall not be less than the base metal surface. Weld surface does not allow cracks, lack of fusion, porosity, slag and spatter and other defects. For prefabricated pipe weld should be prepared to clean up, clean the inside of the tube bore, nozzle closed and classified neatly placed.