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What are the acceptable forms of marking for a steel pipe

Marking is an essential step for each kind of steel pipe. When you wholesale seamless steel pipe or welded tube, having a view for the forms of the marking is important. So what are the acceptable forms of marking for a steel pipe?


If you watch carefully, you will find that it maybe better for the form of the marking. Which kind of? We can make the form of making become a part of the article itself, such as branding, stenciling, stamping, printing, molding, and similar methods. For steel pipes in Threewaysteel company, we will adopt this method to produce our steel tubes. So when you purchase pipelines from here, you can see this. And of course, other forms of marking will also be acceptable if it is certain that the marking will remain legible and conspicuous until the article reaches the ultimate purchaser. It is important that this marking withstand handling. This means it must be of a type that can be defaced, destroyed, removed, altered, obliterated, or obscured only by a deliberate act.