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What school being if there is no steel pipe in there

School is an important place for all our children’s education. Thus, system from electrical to water supply with ERW steel pipe and oil, gas transmission with seamless tube should be guaranteed all the time. It would be disaster if there is any trouble for school.


I was wake up by the sudden fall of my bed, “What’s wrong?”, astonished by what I saw-the support of our beds all disappeared. Fortunately, there were no one got injured in our dormitory. Then we noticed that a disturbance was happened, and teachers were coming and let all students get out of the dormitories and gather at the open space near the basketball court. Students were whispering what had happened. Soon, a call was coming, told us that all the steel pipes in our school were vanished, and all the buildings were not safe. Therefore, school decided to give all students a short break holiday for them to check what happened on earth.

This accident reminds me how important the steel pipes in our daily life.