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Where should the marking of steel pipe be located

For welded steel pipe like ERW steel pipe or seamless type, even the pipe fittings, we shall recognize them by each special marking on their surface. Then, here is the question for steel tube’s manufacturer: Where should the marking of steel pipe be located?


First of all, the sign of the marking should be labeled in a conspicuous place. Of course, it not means that it should be located in the most conspicuous place, but it must be where it can be seen with a casual handling of the steel pipe. You can figure out the right method when you discuss with us for our steel pipes. At the same time, we should make sure that the marking is in a place where they will not be covered or concealed by subsequent attachments or additions. Finally, another important step is that the marking must be visible without disassembling the item or removing or changing the position of any parts.