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Which kind of pipe billet suitable for hot-rolled seamless tube

The birth of the seamless steel pipe is very important for the transportation of gas and oils between the two locations. However, not all pipes can be used for the hot-rolled seamless tube. Then, how could we choose from them?


Concerned about the steel pipe’s categories, functions and piercing methods, we will have strict demands on pipe billet for hot-rolled seamless tube.

First of all, stress conditions would be an important factor for us. Better or lesser amount of deformation perforation method, without affecting pipe performance conditions, the tube surface and internal quality requirements may be slightly lower.

Then, the stress disadvantaged two-roll rotary piercing, if a large amount of deformation perforation, then the tube surface and internal quality have strict requirements.

Of course, we should make sure the high quality of the technical condition. As it would guarantee the production process as the basis for steel pipe’s production.