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Why should we need to know OD and WT for steel pipe

Basic parameters for steel pipe ranging from seamless to ERW steel pipe would be necessary for customers. Why should we need to figure out the OD and WT for steel pipe? Today, we will explain it clearly here with words and charts.


We can estimate the quality from the steel pipe's weight. Under this situation, rough calculation for steel pipes' weight would be necessary for customers.


First of all, we need to figure out that the weight of a pipe would be depend on the weight density of the material. and the physical volume of the steel pipe. Then, we should use the formula to calculate. What’s more, gathering the most important information as the chart shows. Finally, we will figure out the volume with the formula of a pipe equals its surface area times its thickness.


Under this situation, we will know if is it the one steel pipe we need for our engineering project.